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About Me

Cinematographer. Filmmaker. Storyteller. 


Below you can see more pictures of me and my hubby! sometimes he comes along to weddings with me so we are both so excited to meet you! But let me introduce myself a bit more. My full name is Skylar Makenna King and my husbands name is Jason King. We got married October 1st just last year! I was born and raised in beautiful British Columbia until I moved out to cali some years ago. I love traveling and the outdoors, anything to do with sunsets and pretty views is where you'll find me and California is definitely the place for that. So I am very grateful!!

But one of the things I am most grateful for is doing what I love to do by capturing your love stories. Weddings is one of the few big events in our lives and I know, I would never wanna forget those moments whether its walking down the aisle, the speeches, the laughs and tears, those are things we will ALWAYS look back on. One of my favorite things I have heard about videography is that a photo is a shot of the moment whereas a video IS the moment. Pretty special! Weddings always make me cry because I am one hundred percent a feeler and always will be. For those who are into the personality types, I am an INFJ so that explains it… haha

Anyways, I would absolutely love to be apart of your big day and get to know you and your special someone. If we sound like a match, then lets chat!

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